What's WHIMS?

That strong desire in our souls which craves to emancipate from the mundane. Desires to explore, experience and celebrate life as we live it. The desires sparked by our wild hopes to live more, experience better, keep it interesting and have fun along the way!

We curate unique styles of fashion statements that echo an authentic, whimsical vibe.
We believe in embracing our whims and following our wildest hopes which ignite our soul to do more, be more & feel more.

Each outfit is designed with a conscious mind and hand.

From each stitch to every thread, WHIMS examines every intricate detail to ensure a sustainable outfit that lets you explore, express and empower. We create unique styles of fashion statements that echo an authentic, whimsical vibe.

Shipping Worldwide

Shipping Worldwide

Natul Fibres

Made with
100% Natural Fibres

Limited Collections


Limited Collections


Limited Collections

Made to
Make a Change

Made In India

Made In India

The inspiration behind WHIMS

Star of Hope & The Plexippus

The Star of Hope represents various whimsical emotions making our life and experiences more interesting & fulfilling.

Star of Hope

Star of Hope is the omnipresent guide, lighting your various whimsical paths of life.
May the star of hope help you explore the many paths of a whimsically fulfilling life.


The Plexippus represents

Strength, Endurance, Spirituality, Trust, Transformation, And Evolution.

The Plexippus’ whim to follow the star is representative of our wild hopes. A wild hope with which we seek to turn our aspirations into reality. It’s this wild hope that ignites the soul, opening up gates of endless possibilities, through our whims. We embody this feeling in our designs and positively impact those who need hope the most. By and for the change-makers who dare to follow their heart and be as unique as their outfits.

The Plexippus inspires you to embrace the change within you and your unique world.

WHIMS aspires to be the change-maker in fashion through the Degrowth model of sustainability.

What is Degrowth?

Degrowth is nothing but accepting less is more. Accepting that we really do not actually need as many garments as we have. Degrowth is about being aware of the fact that the fashion industry is the primary contributor of waterwastage in the world. It's about being conscious and aware of the environmental impact of our fashion choices.

Limits often breed creativity

Degrowth isn’t just about the economy. It’s about culture. Hence we’re making a decision to reduce the problem of overproduction & underutilization in the fashion industry in favor of slower, localized, and intentional fashion production by working on a small scale and limiting the range of available products to prioritize modular/capsule dressing systems. This means confronting overconsumption, loving our clothes and making them last, and restyling and re-wearing as much as possible. We imagine a world where our changemakers decide to own their whim, wear it often, and even exchange or lend their WHIMS with others!

Own your story. Embrace Yourself.

Live your life to the fullest being expressive through your WHIMS.

With every purchase you can start a ripple of change by contributing towards a cause that resonates with you.
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